Re-Entering the Workforce

Helping women succeed is one of Kiernan Consulting Group’s core organizational values.  At KCG, we understand first-hand the challenges of re-entry because we have been in your shoes.  We empathize with how disheartening the re-entry process can be and understand the determination it takes to find the “right” job.   Helping and empowering professional women to re-enter the workforce was one of the primary reasons that KCG was founded. 

Women re-entering the workforce face a unique set of challenges.  Significant resume gaps can result in both real and self-induced hurdles that women must clear in order to successfully re-enter.  These challenges can seem overwhelming and intimidating at first – particularly when starting a job search without coaching support.  Although it may not be easy, successful re-entry is entirely possible. 

Through coaching, we can help women:

  • Develop successful strategies for re-entry 
  • Clarify professional drivers
  • Determine organizational alignment, and
  • Execute plans that get them where they want to be

When necessary, KCG can also provide external referrals, such as interview preparation and resume review, that may be beneficial to the client.  Remember, we have been in your shoes and you are not alone.