Executive and Leadership Coaching


It is well documented that improved leadership performance results in superior organizational outcomes. There is also a proven and direct correlation between a leader’s emotional maturity and his or her professional performance.  As such, organizational leaders all across the globe have come to accept that developing greater self-awareness and emotional intelligence are critical components of professional success.  At KCG, we help leaders deepen their understanding of their individual strengths, derailers and motivating values.  We then work together to strategically design development plans that maximize strengths and align with organizational business goals.  We also have specific experience helping attorneys successfully make the transition from law firm to in-house counsel positions.

Performance Based Leadership Coaching

All human beings have derailers.  Most have several.  Some derailers are highly-visible and external, while other derailers are more covert and internal.  Regardless of whether your derailers are visible or not, when not properly managed, they can be professionally damaging.  At KCG, we work with professionals to help identify derailers and understand what triggers their appearance in the work environment.   We then collaborate with professionals to develop action plans that help them prepare for and mitigate against derailing behavior. This in turn leads to improved performance and greater professional success.

Goal Specific Leadership Coaching

In today’s global marketplace, competition for top jobs is fierce.  Many professionals need assistance creating plans that help them grow and ascend to positions of greater organizational responsibility.  At KCG, we work with leaders to fine-tune their professional goals and develop strategic plans that propel them in the right direction.