Business Development Coaching for Lawyers

Business generation continues to be the primary driver of law firm success.  Some law firms do a top-notch job helping lawyers learn how to bring in and keep clients.  In many cases, however, law firm business development programs, if they exist at all, take a one-size-fits-all approach.  Not only are the plans often personally ill-fitting, law firms tend to leave lawyers to their own devices when it comes to the most critical phase of business development – execution.  Inevitably, busy lawyers with high-billable hour requirements and overwhelming administrative commitments fail to take the proactive steps they need to in order to execute on their plans and bring in business.   

At KCG, we work with lawyers throughout the business development life cycle.  Through coaching, we help lawyers create business development plans that double-down on their unique strengths and professional drivers.  By creating their own business plans, lawyers feel empowered and are more likely to execute on the plans in a meaningful way.  At KCG, we also work with lawyers through the execution phase of the business plan and, when necessary, partner with clients to adjust the plan when bumps in the road emerge.  At KCG, we understand how difficult business generation is in today’s competitive legal market, and we can help provide you with the strategy and planning support that you need in order to succeed.

Our Process: